sábado, 20 de março de 2010

What should i do when i'm not strong enough?
When i don't have might to smile.
And i am so sick that you can not fake it?
Welcome, one more time, to my ridiculous life.
That's the way the things works right here.
And i don't have nowhere to go or scream.
'cause i'm surrounded.
By stupid people, more stupid than my life.
And isn't nobody home to hold me and say ' you'll be ok'.
So please, can somebody take me away from here?
I need to run away, and i don't want to come back.
Somebody please?

2 comentários:

  1. I know exactly what you mean... we should be able to fade away from time to time...

  2. Oi lindaa, vc me seguia no antigo blog "Alice no país das entrelinhas" e eu tive que desfazê-lo. Estou passando aqui pra avisar que fiz um novo blog e se puder, dá uma passadinha lá tá?


    Desde já, obrigada!