domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2010

- And that's it!

Maybe i should write in portuguese too. \hm
But i love writing on english
The good thing is:
It' not everyone can understand me.
Did you get it?
Do you know what I mean?


Exponho todos os meus pensamentos,
em uma teia torta.
Cerco minha vida de pessoas hipócritas.
A hipocrisia alheia é um passa-tempo muito divertido,
para aqueles que não a possuem.
Finjo ser definitiva,
como tudo aquilo que é simples.
A simplicidade nesse mundo,
chega a ser uma virtude.
Com o vigor que as coisas se movimentam,
é preciso ter calma para perceber o que realmente se sente.

E porque que as pessoas vão contra a própria natureza?


E as mãos se pegam,
os olhares se cruzam...

e nada mais soa tão confortável ou intimo como antes.

O olhar é seco e insignificante.

Mudam os sabores,
os cheiros e as cores.
Ela já não tem certeza de nada;
e mais do que nunca, deseja partir.
Enquanto as horas passam;
os amantes se sentem a cada segundo mais distante.
Como se fossem dois completos estranhos,
colocados um a frente do outro...
O cómico dessa vida é como as coisas mudam.
Mudam sem perguntar se podem mudar,
sem se preocupar se alguém vai sofrer,

ou se alguém vai chorar.

Os lábios se tocam e nada de extraordinário acontece.

E os amantes se comportam,
como se não se importassem com as mudanças
tão incomodas ocorrida na vida deles.

outro amor se acabou.
Hoje eu penso que a cada dia que passa eu penso algo diferente.
E creio que isso seja totalmente aceitável.


Irei postar dois posts antigos
que nunca postei (:

sábado, 27 de fevereiro de 2010

- The same damn feeling, in the same sad place.

I like it.
On the reality I love this feeling.
The feeling of your body be out of your control.
You are there, but you aren't, at the same time.
Almost everybody can understand me.
But if you can't, i'm sorry.
But stay with this tip:
You just don't know the good side of life.
Try this before you die.
I promise, you'll not regret.

If you believe in God, please forget what i told.

quarta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2010

- Cries heaven, cries!

I have given my mood to the sky.
The blue becomed in gray, and the gray to dark as possible.
And then the sky cried in my place.
Rain is like tears falling from heaven.

- Jealousy

Or maybe i'm just seeing the truth.
The fact is: You can not trust anybody.
The life is terrible, disappointing and traitor.
And those persons works the same way.
i'm giving up!
I learned my lesson.

Or, perhaps, it's just jealousy taking me over.

terça-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2010

- Happiness

Find someone to you remember his smell.
That you want to stay with him all day long, for all your life.
Find someone that makes you smile with silly things.
Someone who can make you see the colors more vibrants,
the life more interesting and the world a better place to live.

So then, buy yourself a simple house,
Preferably in a quiet town.
Watch the sunrise, feel the wind,
while you drinks your coffe and smokes your cigarette.
Love all those things that you have.
All those things that makes you happy.

After that, you'll be living the perfect happiness.
you will see that the simplest things of life
will make every second happiest.

segunda-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2010

- I never felt this way

it's like alcohol.
Drink plenty, until you get really drunk.
and then you run, run like you could fly.
So then, maybe you come close to feel the happines that i am feeling.
It's not just happines, it's full, it' freedom.
Freedom in the mood to be attached to another.
Is a funny feeling.
But i'm loving it.

sábado, 20 de fevereiro de 2010


is good to know that someone cares about you.
For me it's all so new.
I know, i know. It may sounds like bullshit.
I don't care anymore (:
the truth is,
I just don't know what to do with myself

It seems like The White Stripes know me.
is just a joke.

sexta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2010

i'm breaking free

All right!
Now please, can you forget all those feelings that i was talking about?
I was dreaming with a fake love.
Dreaming that i could live all those shit again.
But now i'm finally renewed.
I think that in this moment, at long last, i can say:
God! Thanks. I just break free.
I don't care anymore with that thing.
Now myself, my welfare, it's the only thing that matters.
I think i found the answer,
i think i found what i've been looking for.

maybe my dream has come true.

quinta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2010

that's the way it is :D

I've got some new questions.
and i'm looking for those answers
maybe some beers, and a few cigarettes
will make me find.
or not.

Finishing as Caetano Veloso
Let's waste some time, I rather waste my with you.
When i first saw your smile the time stopped.
It's realy hard to explain, it' like being in heaven.
to me is worth more than eternity,
and i'll do whatever it takes to keep you smiling.
'Cause without it, all the days for me will be just black and grey
it's a shame!
I've been living all these eyars without a reason to smile.
and now that i found it, i can not let it go.
My little sunshine.

quarta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2010

No one can break a broken heart.
No one can break the heart of a heartbreaker.
Maybe you already broke someone hearts.
And someone already broke yours.
However everybody has a broken heart.
So why continue to play the love game?
My cards are on the table, I've got nothing to lose.
Make your move, but be careful.
We're in Vegas, baby.
And when i opened my window today
I saw the stars falling down.
it seemed like the end.
But tomorrow i'll open it again,
and i'll see a new day coming to us.
Is funny see the things working, the world turning
and we continueing in the same position.
Just for tonight i'll stay being the same,
and then tomorrow there'll be no one to blame.
I can't not say if what i am feeling is right or wrong.
On the reality, i don't even know what i should be feeling.
I Could Say it several different ways.
But, you know me, i'm always chosing the worst.
So that's the reason I try to keep my mind clean and my mouth closed.
i'm not ready to let anyone come into my heart.
it's sad, and may can sound strange.
But what should i do?
i'm just following myself this time.